Easy Ways To Migrate To Canada

Easy Ways To Migrate To Canada

Globally, Canada is ranked as one of the most beautiful countries. And with its vast, endless landscape, it’s easy to see why. But what you might not know is how hard it can be for some people to get there, like if they don’t have a job offer or they’re not highly skilled in their field, or even what it really means to immigrate to Canada.

This article aims to guide you to successfully migrate to Canada and show you some of the best ways that you can follow.

Just make sure that you plan early because it can take a while. In fact, some steps take a long while before they are complete! But if you’re ready and willing to put in the work, then read on!

What You Should Know About Canada Immigration

If you want to come and live in Canada, there are some basic requirements that you need to meet. The requirements are in place to ensure that newcomers will fit into Canadian society and will be able to support themselves.

Meet the point system – In order to immigrate, you need points for some of the routes. You need to pass a language test and get a job offer with a Canadian employer to get points. If you don’t have a job offer, you can still be granted points if you’re highly skilled in your field.

Qualify for healthcare – Canadians have public health insurance covering all medical services. If you don’t have any other health insurance, this will be essential.

Learn French or Improve your English– If you can speak neither of Canada’s official languages, you need to improve your chances of being considered during application.

Have enough money – Depending on your preferred route, you need to have sufficient funds to kickstart and complete the processes.

The Easy Canadian Immigration Routes

Express Entry system

If you’re highly skilled in your field, you can apply for the Express Entry system. This is a fast way to immigrate. You would only need one job offer, and if you’re highly skilled, then there would be little to no interview needed. However, even if you have a job offer, it will still take some time to complete the entire process. This can take months or even years!

Express Entry Process:

-Passing a language test – This is usually in English, but if you want to immigrate to Canada, you will need to pass this test.

-Getting a job offer from a Canadian employer

-Then you’ll be put into the Express Entry pool of people. Every 4 months, the government will randomly choose between 500 – 2000 people for permanent residence.

-You’ll then be put into the pool that is chosen. This means that you could go on to find a job and become authorized for permanent residence.

-The government will also choose who they think is the most eligible person in the pool. If you’re chosen, then you’ll be able to apply for permanent residence!

Study Permit Route

If you’re looking to get a job in Canada and also immigrate, then this is the best way to do it. This is because you would be able to work while studying. That way, you can gain experience, skills, and financial support before actually immigrating. You can also apply for the Express Entry system if you have a job offer from a Canadian employer.

Study Permit Process:

-You get a study permit. This lets you stay in Canada and continue to study, no matter what job you have. This means that you can work while in Canada and your studies. You will also need to provide a letter of intent from your current employer.

-You’ll then need to apply for permanent residence at the end of your studies. If you’re eligible for the CRS, then you can apply for permanent residence before.

-If you’re not eligible for the CRS, then you can apply as soon as you complete your studies. You will need to show that you have a job offer before applying. If you are approved, then it will take some months before it is granted.

Get Married to a Canadian

If you’re married to a Canadian, then this is a viable way to immigrate. You’ll be able to get permanent residence for you and your spouse. However, you must be legally married (i.e., recognized by the government or using a religious ceremony).

If you’re not married to a Canadian, then you’ll have to meet some more requirements before being able to immigrate. This includes having a job offer from a Canadian employer and showing that you can support yourself.

Final thoughts

The things that you need to do for immigration to Canada can be quite pricey, but it is worth the effort. However, it would be best if you remembered to go through all of them one after the other to increase your chances of success.

Remember that Canada is a hard place to immigrate to, so if you have any family or friends who already live there in Canada, then they’re probably giving out some great advice and tips on how you can get there. Good luck!