USA VISA Lottery – How To Apply

USA VISA Lottery

The USA Visa lottery is a program that allows Foreigners to gain entrance into the United States easily.

Once you are found to have qualified for this scholarship, you will be allowed to migrate to the USA. This US visa lottery is open to many countries in the world.

The US government sets up this visa lottery program under the immigration and nationality act.

Furthermore, the visa application is limited, and it only occurs once a year, and only eligible countries are allowed to participate in this visa lottery program. This indicates that if your country isn’t listed as part of the eligible country for this program, you won’t be eligible to apply.

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Regions Eligible For USA VISA Lottery

This visa lottery program is made available for six geographical regions that have low immigration rates. In addition, there is a maximum threshold of immigrants that is required by each country. Once this maximum threshold has been reached, your country won’t be able to apply for the Visa lottery program anymore. The maximum threshold is 50,000

Occupation and Work Experience.

  • Be certain your country is part of the eligible country for this scholarship program.
  • Make use of a valid email address to register.
  • You will be sent a registration link, where you will be able to set your password.
  • Login via the link and complete your registration.
  • Upload a digital photo of yourself. It will be resized to fit the exact requirements. (Make sure to use a sharp.
  • You can check back after some days to see whether you were picked for the Visa lottery.

When Should You Register For USA VISA Lottery?

Just as stated right from the start of the article, the visa lottery program only occurs once a year, from the 1st of October till the 3rd of November.

Nevertheless, the earlier you register, the higher the chances of getting approval for you.

What happens if you weren’t picked for a visa lottery? If you weren’t picked for the visa lottery, the best you can do is apply the following year.

How To Apply For USA VISA Lottery

Application for the Visa lottery program is quite straightforward. All you have to do is log on to endeavor only to make use of the English version of the site. The site is quite user-friendly, as you can easily navigate through the site, without finding anything hard.

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Be Cautious Of Scammers

There are many fake websites out there, who might promise to make things easy for you. Beware! They are scam websites.

They will ask you to pay a small sum of money to get your visa lottery application approved. This is a scam, as no one has the right to do so, aside from the US government who set up this program.

You may receive several spam emails, claiming to be one of the visa lottery program representatives, asking for your bank details. Do not fall for any of these scams.


The Visa lottery program is one of the easiest means to migrate to the USA, once you get approved for it. We wish you all the best.