Canada Immigration Process – Stages To Migrate To Canada

Canada Immigration Process

What comes to your mind when you hear about Canadian immigration? To make it simple. This is a process by which people leave their home country for Canada, with the purpose of working or studying in Canada.

Now this question goes to you, how do you decipher the right visa type meant for you? All these are what we shall be examining in this article.

Immigrating to Canada is in two stages, the first is known as

  • Out of country immigration
  • In-country immigration

In-country immigration

This type of immigration usually takes between 2 years and three months. It’s a type of immigration that allows you to stay in Canada, for as long as you wish, before getting your permanent residency status.

Out-Of- Country immigration

This is a type of immigration process, which is meant for those who want to migrate to Canada for investment purposes.

However, this immigration process takes a shorter time, and the terms attached to the immigration aren’t as strict as in-country immigration.

Furthermore, with this immigration process, you can apply for your green card, it should be noteworthy, that if you

The below are the two types of programs, made available for those who would like to migrate to Canada.

  • Federal skilled trade program
  • Federal skilled occupation program.

Federal Skilled Trade Program

Federal skilled trade program is meant for those who are professionals in one field or the other.

To be qualified for this program, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in any field, and you must have at least a year of experience, in your chosen field, before you will be considered for immigration to Canada.

Federal Skilled Occupation Program

The federal skilled occupation program is meant for those who don’t possess any skill, whatsoever and wish to migrate to Canada.

Nevertheless, the easiest program for immigration is the federal skilled immigration program, because Canada is always delighted to welcome people who have the right skill, to contribute positively to the development of the country.

The juicy aspect of immigrating to Canada is that you can immigrate to Canada before applying for your work permit, other interesting things you stand to benefit by living in Canada include.

  • Canada pension plan
  • Free healthcare benefits
  • Access to public housing

And other interesting programs,.that can give you a better future and better financial lifestyle, after living in Canada.

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