Dubai Residency – How To Get Dubai Residence Visa

How To Get Dubai Residence Visa

Dubai residency is a visa status that gives you the right to live and work in Dubai. People coming from different countries have to go through the process of getting a residence visa for Dubai.

This article will touch on how you can get your residence visa for Dubai by understanding the different areas of the process.

Dubai Residency vs Permanent Residency

Dubai residency is the initial visa that you should get before you can apply for a permanent residency. You can apply for a residence visa for Dubai for certain periods of time and it’s renewable but the permanent residency can only be done once you have been in Dubai on a temporary residency visa for several years.

Types of Dubai Residence Visa

There are many different types of Dubai residence visas, depending on your situation and the length of your stay.

  1. Dubai Work Visa

This is a visa granted to those people who would like to have a job in Dubai (or other Emirates). A lot of jobs are available for foreign workers in Dubai.

  1. Dubai Student Visa

Students who would like to study in Dubai can apply for a student visa. There are several universities and colleges offering courses in all fields. There are also vocational colleges that offer training in different skills areas.

  1. Dubai Investment Visa

This is a visa for businessmen and women who would like to invest in Dubai. Dubai is always in need of foreign investors who are willing to support its growth.

  1. Dubai Family Visa

This visa is granted to those close relatives of Dubai citizens who would like to live with them in Dubai.

  1. Dubai Retirement Visa

This is a visa for those who would like to retire in Dubai. If you are an ex-pat over 55 years of age, you may apply for this visa.

Requirements for Dubai Residence Visa

  1. You must have a valid passport from your country.
  2. You must be 18 years and above but you can get a Dubai residence visa if you are 17 years old with your parent’s approval.
  3. An application form is obtainable online.
  4. An application form (Dubai residence visa form) with all the required information filled in it and signed by the applicant’s sponsor or guardian, passport copy and sponsor’s signature page, and if applicable work contract (in case of expatriate worker).
  5. Your educational certificate if you are applying as an expatriate student
  6. 2 passport-sized photos
  7. Your birth certificate on original with a photocopy of it
  8. Your medical report for HIV/AIDS and drug test is done in a government hospital or clinic in your country. The medical report is issued by the authorized body in your country by the Dubai Health Authority.(DHA). It must be not older than 6 months from the date of application.
  9. You will also have to pay the UAE visa fee of AED100 and 40AED for the online processing fee.

Residency Visa For Dubai – The Process

  1. First, you have to apply for a visa to enter the country.
  2. Wait for the visa to be approved and then enter Dubai.
  3. If you already have a job in Dubai, apply for a work visa.
  4. Go through the medical examination at the health center in Dubai after entering the country.
  5. After getting your medical report, visit the residence visa department and file an application.
  6. After getting the residence visa, you have to apply for an open work permit (if you don’t have a job yet in Dubai).
  7. After getting your Open Work Permit, you can then apply for an employment permit which will allow you to work in the state of Dubai.

Student Visa Processing Duration

Processing times vary depending on the type of visa you applied for and the department in which you applied. The minimum is 1 week but it can take longer in some cases.


The Dubai residency visa will allow you to stay and work in Dubai for a certain period of time that is specified by the visa and the good part is that you can apply for a permanent residency if you have lived in Dubai on a residence visa for several years and have a good legal standing.