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Girls Whatsapp Numbers, Whatsapp Numbers

Girls Whatsapp Numbers for Friendship– are you among those looking to connect with ladies via their real single online girls whatsapp numbers? Grab a sit, this post is for you – online girls numbers.

It’s no news that Whatsapp is one of the most popular social apps. Many people across the world use the messaging app for chatting with business partners, colleagues, friends, family and even relationships.

This post is however for those hoping to meet female friends on Whatsapp. Some nice ladies have sent in their whatsapp numbers asking to be featured on this site.

It’s important to have it in mind that we just don’t post these numbers without trying to find out who they really are.

In regards to this, we engaged the ladies who sent in the “girls whatsapp numbers for friendship” contacts in some “know you” conversations where we get to determine who they really are.

What type of friendship do they want?

After having the necessary, routine conversation with them, we have been able to ascertain their motives for wanting to appear on this platform.

It is crystal clear that their interests align with that of our male readers. They just want friendshipchat mates and dating.

Therefore, we advice those ready and waiting young guys out there to take advantage of this rare opportunity and hope for the best.

Are you aware that there are over 20,000 daily Google searches for “girls whatsapp numbers” on a daily basis? To further shock you, “whatsapp numbers” is looked up about 40,000 times daily.

According to survey, about 70 percent of people who run these Google searches think it’s an easier way to find love, all thanks to technology.

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The beautiful part is that the ladies have always reciprocated. Most of them willingly request to be featured on reputable sites where they know their potential matches exists.

This makes the bonding quest a lot easier. As part of our job, we’ll continue to burn the gap between both parties by frequently posting real girls whatsapp numbers for those looking for whatsapp dating numbers to connect with.

In our subsequent updates, we’ll show you some external sites where you can also find and handful of some girls whatsapp numbers for friendship.

For now, it’s all about unleashing what we have packed in store for you.

Online Girls Whatsapp Phone Numbers Explanation

In simple terms, whatsapp girls phone numbers literary means same thing as girls whatsapp mobile numbers. The only difference is how it’s being looked up on search engines.

But you you tweak it to “online girls number“, the displayed results becomes slightly different.

When searched, the results should be the same unless in situations where “whatsapp contact numbers” isn’t specified in the search pharse.

Whatever your interest might be, this post has got you fully covered so sit back while we continue the fun ride.

Before we proceed, we’d like to remind you that we just don’t share the girls whatsapp numbers here as they come in. We engage the senders in some extra careful conversations.

The reason for this is to confirm the authenticity of the intentions. We then proceed to publish them here upon satisfaction. I mean, the intentions must be genuine.

How To Begin a Chat with Real Girls on Whatsapp

So guys, being lucky to come across whatsapp numbers of girls is one thing, another thing is how to initiate a striking conversation that will leave her with no choice than want more.

The below tips should help;

  • 1). Don’t start with all the pet, sweet names just yet. A simple “Hello there” or “Hi friend” should set the ball rolling. Some women don’t appreciate it when strangers start chatting them with pet names.
  • 2). be honest about where you found her girls whatsapp numbers contact. Of course you can’t lie about it as she knows where she posted her whastapp number so you don’t want to be tagged a liar.
  • 3). Always let your reply be the continuation of hers. Don’t be fond of deviating from the topic.
  • 4). If her profile photo is visible, compliment her. Women love it.
  • 5). Take it slow and steady. Allow things fall into place naturally. Don’t rush things.

Remember that before you do anything on whatapp, you must first download and install whatsapp on your device.

Now, let’s proceed to the all important part where we post the girls whatsapp numbers.

Whatsapp Numbers of Single Girls for friendship

Be aware that the girls whatsapp numbers will be posted categorically based on countries. We won’t cover so many countries but hope to do so subsequently in more single girls numbers articles.

If the girls whatsapp numbers of certain countries you wish to connect with isn’t listed below, we suggest you glance around this website as tons of them have been published.

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Having said all these it’s time to continue with the reason you found yourself here. So, it’s to to furnish you our readers with the available single girls numbers.

Let’s begin with…

1). Belgian Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Girls Whatsapp Numbers, Whatsapp Numbers


First on the list is Belgian girls whatsapp numbers. Belgian girls are know to be friendly and accommodating but they easily get turned off if you disrespect their niceness. See Belgian girls numbers below;

1). Jane
Age: 23
Liege, Belgium

2). Louise
Age: 25
Brussels, Belgium

3). Juliette
Age: 26
Limburg, Belgium

2). Brazilian Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Brazilian girls are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful on earth. We have some Brazilian girls whatsapp numbers for friendship below so get in touch. Of course this girls numbers list would be incomplete without Brazilian girls featuring.

1). Adriana
Age: 22
Santos, Brazil

2). Fernanda
Age: 19
Fortaleza, Brazil

3). Patricia
Age: 25
Curitiba, Brazil

3). Chinese Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Chinese girls whatsapp numbers, China girls mobile phone numbers

Have you been looking up the internet for Chinese girls whatsapp numbers for chat? Here you have it. Some China girls mobile whatsapp numbers. In the next post we’ll appreciate you all for being ardent readers by posting more girls mobile numbers for friendship.

1). Chen
Age: 19
Shanghai, China

2). Biyu
Age: 26
Beijing, China

3). Huan
Age: 23
Dalian, China

4). Malaysian Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Malaysian girls whatsapp numbers, Malaysian girls numbers

Next on the list is Malaysian girls whatsapp numbers for friendship. Malay girls are beautiful. Scroll below to see the available Philippines girls numbers, Malay girls numbers and Filipina girls numbers for chats.

1). Adelina
Age: 24
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2). Dayang
Age: 21
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3). Fatimah
Age: 23
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5). Nigerian Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Nigerian girls whatsapp number, Nigerian girls mobile phone numbers

Nigeria has very pretty ladies who have dropped their girls whatapp numbers for chat. Checkout the Nigerian girls whatsapp numbers below. Nice one to my Naija ladies whatsapp numbers.

1). Chioma
Age: 22
Lagos, Nigeria

2). Vicky
Age: 24
Abuja, Nigeria

3). Eniola
Age: 20
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

6). Spanish Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Spanish girls whatsapp numbers, Spain single girls

Next on the menu of whatsapp numbers is Spanish girls whatsapp numbers for chat. I love the way Spanish girls speak. It’s beautiful. Anyways, continue below for Spanish girls mobile whatsapp numbers.

1). Camila
Age: 24
Ibiza, Spain

2). Natalia
Age: 19
Barcelona, Spain

3). Clara
Age: 21
Madrid, Spain

7). Italian Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Italian girls whatsapp numbers, Italian single girls numbers

“Mamma Mia!” It’s the Italian girls whatsapp numbers for friendship. Have you been dreaming of meeting nice and friendly ladies from Italy? Here’s your chance. Make do with the Italy girls whatsapp numbers for chats below.

1). Bella
Age: 22
Palermo, Italy

2). Elena
Age: 20
Milan, Italy

3). Ariana
Age: 24
Location: Rome, Italy

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8). Indian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers

Indian girls whatsapp numbers, Indian single girls mobile phone

Last on this list of girls whatsapp phone numbers is the Indian girls whatsapp numbers for chat. The beauty possessed by Indian girls make them extraordinarily unique. Chat and make friends by connecting with the Indian girls whatsapp numbers for friendship below.

1). Anika
Age: 18
Mumbai, India

2). Binita
Age: 22
Kolkata, India

3). Charita
Age: 25
New Delhi, India

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