5 Fully Funded PhD Programs In USA For International Students

phd Programs In USA For International Students

Acquiring a Ph.D. in the U.S is one of the biggest dreams for most students — both old and young. Probably because of the high standard of study, availability of varieties of subjects you can enroll for, and the opportunity to live a better life and have access to bigger opportunities.

Sadly, this dream of studying in the U.S doesn’t come to reality for most students except those who are able to afford to study in the U.S. Hence, most students turn to look for scholarships opportunities that are fully funded.

Some scholarships are fully funded, they even go the extra mile to provide the students with annual allowance, health insurance, and other amazing benefits. But getting these kinds of scholarships are highly competitive. While some scholarships pay part of the fees leaving the student(s) work to pay the rest.

In this article, we would be looking at 5 fully-funded Ph.D. programs in the USA for international students.

But before we go into that, Let’s look at reasons why studying in the USA is a better option for your Ph.D.

Benefits of choosing the USA For Your Ph.D. Studies

1. Having the opportunity to study in world-class universities

Would you like to do your Ph.D. studies in one of the best universities in the world? Then the United States Is definitely a good option for you.

Over the years, universities in the US continue to top the list of the world best universities. Considering the level of academic structure and standards in the US. You are not only making a good choice but you are also setting yourself high for success.

2. Method of study

Students in the US have the chance to communicate directly with their professors compare to other countries.

3. Land of opportunity

With over 4000+ universities. You definitely going to find the right choice that suits your needs. It’s guaranteed.

Other questions you might have is;

How long does it take to study for a Ph.D. in the USA?

Ph.D. in the USA can take up to 8 to 10 years but for students who are full-time, spend 5 to 6 years. A student who already has their master’s degrees sometimes spends up to 4 to 5 years.

Here is the list of Fully-Funded Ph.D. Programs In USA for international students

1. AAUW International Fellowships

For decades now, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) has rewarded International Fellowships  $20,000 each to female graduate students from 140+ countries who are seeking a master’s, or Ph.D. degree in the United States.

To be able to apply for this, you must have obtained at least a bachelor’s, not hold U.S citizenship, have plans for full-time study, exhibit English language knowledge, have extraordinary academic achievement, and have the intention of returning to her home country after graduation.

Contact info

  • AAUW International Fellowships
  • aauw@applyists.com
  • (202) 785-7700
  • 1111 Sixteenth Street NW
  • Washington, DC 20036

2. IBM Fellowship Awards Program For Ph.D. Students

This is another fully-funded Ph.D. program for international students. The IBM fellowship award has a lot of benefits including a stipend of about $35,000  to fill in for accommodation, traveling for conferences, and much more, is given to candidates for the two academic years, and also an additional $25,000 is rewarded for as educational allowance in the first year.

Contact info

  • (914) 499-1900
  • jcalabre@us.ibm.com
  • IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards Program
  • 1 New Orchard Road
  • Armonk, NY 10504

3. Facebook International Fellowship For Doctoral Students

This scholarship is for students in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, system architecture, or other related areas. This is only available for students who enrolled full-time and of course, is for international students who want to study in the USA.

The benefits include a paid visit to the Facebook headquarters, $5000 for traveling to conferences, and also a $37K grant one-time payment during each academic year.

4. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships

The Aga Khan Foundation is applicable for students in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Tanzania,  Syria, Egypt, Mozambique, and Madagascar who are studying at a U.S institution.

To qualify for this scholarship, you must exhibit an excellent academic record. Also, you must be of age 30 or under and exhibit a real financial need.

Contact info

  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships
  • 1825 K Street NW Suite 901
  • Washington, DC 20006
  • (202) 293-2537
  • info.akfusa@akdn.org

5. Campbell Fellowships for Transformative Research

The Campbell fellowships scholarship offers a stipend of $4,500 per month. They accept any female scholars from any country who are enrolled at a U.S. graduate school and are fluent in English.

Contact info

  • Campbell Fellowships for Transformative Research
  • info@sarsf.org
  • 660 Garcia Street
  • Santa Fe, NM 87505
  • (505) 954-7200