Canada Government Jobs For Immigrants

best Canada Government Jobs for Immigrants

The Canadian Government has the policy to work with immigrants striving to enter Canada. As a result, there are around 300,000 jobs available in Canada for immigrants.

Getting the best Canadian government jobs for immigrants can be a little bit overwhelming and tiring as it requires lots of skills and certification to be able to Canadian it, but if you possess the right skills to compete, then give it a shot as government workers pay more plus you get to work is more conducive environment.

Canada Government Jobs For Immigrants

Here are the best Canada government jobs for immigrants seeking to work in Canada.

1. Customer Care Representative

As a customer care representative that works with the Government, you are saddled with the responsibility of providing excellent in-person front counter customer services, such as giving reliable and accurate information about government policies, products, and services.

A customer care representative earns up to &25-$30 per hour.

2. Street Outreach Work

Working in Street Outreach requires you to assess and address customers’ needs, such as providing them with guidance to the Streets to Homes program by describing the program’s various services, policies, and philosophy.

You will also assist in answering street emergencies by calling in the situation.

3. Immigration Consultants

As an immigration consultant, you get to give consulting duties to the Government and other organizations. In addition, you are to educate clients on selecting and using consumer goods continually. An immigration consultant earns up to $25 – $35 an hour.

4. Administrative officer

The Fourth on the list of best Canadian government jobs for immigrants is being an administrative officer.

As an officer, you oversee policies and processes associated with releasing records in processing requests under government access to information and privacy regulation.

5. Packaging Operators

As a Packaging Operator, you will be liable for the essential operation and troubleshooting of Packaging pieces of equipment.

6. Registered Health Practitioner

As they said, health is wealth; working as a trained health practitioner has been one of the best Canadian government jobs for immigrants.

Many foreigners, top government officials, business owners come to Canada to get treated because of its high and conducive health facility structures. So naturally, this makes the demand for health workers high.

As an immigrant who possesses certification relating to the health field, you can work for the Government or even individuals who own health facilities.

7. Software Engineer

A software engineer uses mathematical calculation and the principles of computer science to develop and invent computer software.

In Canada and over the world, software engineers are in high demand.

The world has gone digital, Government, businesses, and individuals require the skill of a developer to constantly develop products to meet the demands of people around the world.

8. Accountants

Another Canadian government job for immigrants is accounting, and an accountant is liable for organizing accounts, budgeting, and managing financial information.

They also advise and help their clients, like the Government, multinational companies, individuals, with financial situations in their company.

For any organization to succeed, it must make a profit manage money and expenses, and with the help of an accountant, companies get to control their costs efficiently.

9. IT Technicians

If you admire working with tech and people, getting a job as an IT technician may be a good fit in Canada as an immigrant.

IT Technicians are responsible for installing and preserving computer systems and networks to attain their highest functionality.

10. Police Military

Immigrants can take up a police-military role in Canada; as Military Police, and they help enforce the laws and regulations of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). In addition, the military police serve the entire CAF community.

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