About Us

In a world we’re we all need a friend and someone to talk to, KonetClub is here to help you achieve this.

We – konetclub.com – exist for the sole purpose of helping people connect around the world from the comfort of their homes.

This site was created to assist people from various countries establish casual friendships that could possibly lead to whatever they wish for.

In most cases, memebers contact us privately and ask that we post their whataspp numbers on this site for people to reach and chat with them.

But before we go ahead with posting such details, we extensively communicate with the said persons to be sure their interests aligns with the purpose of this website.

Upon confirmation, we write a detailed post surrounding the topic and publish it for our readers.

In most scenarios, people who asked to be featured usually request us to include other details of them such as age, location and interests.

New friendships have been successfully established through this website.

One of our strongholds is that most of our readers get to know about us via Google’s search engine. This is a further proof of how relevant our contents are.

Keeping this portal clean and safe for everyone is our responsibility. For this reason, we carefully review users’ comments before approving them.

We do not attach any fees for friendships because we believe the world would be a better place if everyone became friends.

For now, we’re covering Whatsapp Numbers, Whatsapp Groups, Telegram Channels & Groups, Telegram Numbers and Snapchat Usernames.

We’re looking forward to expanding our scope to cover other exciting features but until the said features are ready, the above listed are currently what we do.

While we’ll continue to ensure our quality remains top notch, we urge you to tell your friends about this incredible opportunity for them to meet people around the world.

Please feel free to contact us using the “contact us” form should you have any inquiries.