5 Entertaining Celebrities you should follow on Snapchat

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Keeping up with our favorite celebrities is something most of us love doing.

Asides following them on other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, seeing their latest updates on snapchat can also brighten your day.

Unlike other social media platforms, snapchat is unique.

It might not be your regular news portal but there’s no denial the updates are really entertaining.

From making funny videos to putting up adorable cute faces.

You also have a chance to see what your favorite celebrities look like when they edit that photos with different filters.

This is one way they can keep you entertained. Although the popular app is used for other reasons but if you’re interested in keeping up with celebrities, we’ve put up a list of 10 celebrities that won’t disappoint you.

Most celebrities jump on snapchat each time they want to update their fans with behind-the-scene footages, selfies and videos.

However, getting their usernames can sometimes be a daunting task.

As a result of this, we’ve compiled a list of celebs for you to follow.

First of all..

Do you have snapchat installed on your advice? Are you new to the app?

Relax, while we show you how to install snapchat and setup your account pretty easily. Unfortunately,snapchat is currently available for Android and iPhone users only.

Follow below steps;

1). Head over to snapchat.com/download

2). Select your device type – Google Play for Android users, App Store for iPhone users

3). Tap “Install” and wait for your app to complete the download and install process

4). Open the snapchat app

5). Follow the onscreen instructions to setup your account. Done!

5 Celebrities to follow on Snapchat

1). Gigi Hadid
Snapchat Username: itsgigihadid

Do you want to keep up with her friends, modelling life and home? Then you should follow Gigi Hadidi. She’s quite active on the app and will keep you updates.

2). Selena Gomez
Snapchat Username: selenagomez

This amazing American singer often takes to her instagram account to update her fans but she does the same on snapchat. Do you want to know what her everyday life looks like? Follow her.

3). Justin Bieber
Snapchat Username: rickthesizzler

As well as updating his fans with funny videos of him goofing around, Justin is fond of sharing photos of himself with fiends and family. He is one celebrity you should definitely follow for inspiration updates.

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4). Kylie Jenner
Snapchat Username: kylizzlemynizzl

The reality TV star has been updating her fans with a lot of selfies and videos. Her snapchat account is also where she makes updates about her daughter.

5). Phillip Schofield
Snapchat Username: @phillipschofe

Phillip Schofield has been dubbed “The King of Snapchat” due to his famous updates. He’s funny and very entertaining. This list would be incomplete without giving him a mention. He’s definitely worth the follow.

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